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Water Heater Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions our customer contact us about.

Problem: I have not hot water.

Cause: The pilot light has gone out.

Solution: Follow the directions on the water heater just above the gas control valve to re-light the pilot.

Fixed – Yes, you’re all done. Not Fixed – read more below

Problem: Pilot goes out won’t stay lit when I try to light it.

Cause: The thermo-couple has failed and can not keep the pilot light on.

Solution: The thermo-couple or pilot assembly (depending on the style of water heater) needs to be replaced. Remember to check the warranty status of your water heater and contact a service provider for help or contact the manufacturer directly for parts.

Fixed – Yes, you’re all done. Not fixed – read more below

If you are not sure how to replace the thermo-couple/pilot assembly, call us (310) 393-2927 to speak with a water heater expert 24 hours a day. Try to have the model number and serial number from your water heater available.

The model and serial number can be found on the manufacturer’s rating plate on the water heater and will be very helpful in getting your water heater repaired as quickly as possible. (See Photo)

Frequently asked questions rating plate

If your water heater is less than 6 years old, it may have a manufacturer’s warranty. Contact the manufacturer of the water heater with the model and serial number and they can verify warranty coverage and get you connected to a warranty service provider.

Water Heater Manufacturers

Rheem / Ruud / GE 1-800-432-8373

American 1-800-999-9515

State / Kenmore 1-800-365-0024

A.O. Smith 1-800-845-1108

Bradford White 1-800-531-2111

Additional Problems

If you have re-lit your pilot and the pilot stays on for one heating cycle and then goes out you may have a bad gas control valve.

Problem: I have no hot water again, I re-lit the pilot and everything was working, now my water is cold again.

Cause: After you re-lit the pilot the tank turned on to heat up and you got hot water, but when the burner turned off it took the pilot light out with it and the water heater could not reheat again. Sometimes this can happen right away or it might take a day or two for the pilot to fail, it is a problem with the gas control or burner.

Solution: The gas control valve will need to be tested to see if it is faulty, if so it should be replaced. If the gas control test good, the burner should be replaced.

Fixed – Yes, your all done. Not Fixed – read more below

Problem: I still have not hot water, I had the gas control replaced and everything was working, now my water is cold again.

Cause: At this point there is either something wrong with an air flow issue, lack of combustion air or a venting problem. The part that was replaced could be faulty, but that is a rare occurrence.

Solution: Contact a professional for a full diagnosis.

Luke Warm Water Issues

Problem: I have a gas water heater and my hot water is not hot, but it’s also not cold.

Cause: Water heaters usually work or they don’t, luke warm water problems with a gas water heater are usually due to a problem in the plumbing of the home versus the water heater. Plumbing crossover or a bad mixing valve can dilute the cold water with the hot water and that is where luke warm water comes from. Occasionally a water heater will fill up with so much sediment that is has a hard time heating the water to temperature during the heating cycle and will produce luke warm water. A faulty dip tube inside the tank can also crack or fail and will dilute the hot water at the top of the tank with cold water and the water in the tank will come out luke warm.

Solution: Replace the dip tube. Power flush the water heater to see if the sediment can be removed. Test a hot only faucet (not a single handle faucet that mixes hot and cold) closest to the tank and see if the water temperature is hotter than it is in the other fixtures in the home. Find the model number and serial number on the tank, contact a professional for a full diagnosis.

Problem: I have an electric water heater and my hot water is not hot, but it’s also not cold.

Cause: An element or thermostat inside the tank has gone bad and the whole tank does not heat properly.

Solution: Test the components and replace the faulty parts or contact a service professional to replace the parts.

You can contact Water Heaters Only, Inc 24 hours a day 7 days a week for any questions, troubleshooting help or to schedule a service appointment (310) 393-2927.