Jerry Brown says the Drought is Over. LA not convinced.

Sunny green Santa Monica

On April 4, 2017, Governor Jerry Brown officially declared the water drought over in the state of California. Does that mean that Los Angelenos should start taking longer showers right away? Not so fast!  The Los Angeles Times releases this article showing that while most of the state of California has gone from Extreme Drought conditions … Read more

Spring is here! How NOT to Spring a Leak!

Fast flowing white river water

Everyone has been looking forward to Spring but no one looks forward to a spring leak in your water heater! Your home is a place of tranquility so envision relaxing and then suddenly noticing that there is water dripping from your ceiling!  What if you walk in the door and you find a pool of … Read more

Preventative Water Heater Replacement

Preventative Water Heater Replacement Deciding whether a preventative water heater replacement is the right choice for you. It is our experience that most people rarely think about their water heater until they have no hot water. We have had homeowners call with no hot water that do not even know where their water heater is … Read more