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5 stars for Water Heaters Only, Inc.

Rated 4.8 stars – 5,850 Reviews

“Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Very responsive and fantastic service. I had a water heater replacement and it went smoothly and handled very professionally. Tony Edwards did an all around great job with his quality of work. Highly recommended.”

Phillip D, Santa Monica Area, CA. Provided By Google

“Positive: Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness

The technician was prompt to call with ETA and arrived on time. He explained my options and possible causes and what was best was to replace. This is the second one we have bought from them. The first lasted 10 years. Technician T.E. was very professional, thorough and quick.”

April B, Santa Monica Area, CA. Provided By Google

“Positive: Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness

Within 45 minutes of calling Water Heaters Only, their rep Ron G called. After a few questions, he stated he had all the equipment needed in his truck and appointment set later that day. Within three hours Ron was able to install a new heater, bringing it up to current code and removing the old one. Ron was professional and fully answered any questions. I would highly recommend him should the need arise.”

Megan P, Santa Monica Area, CA. Provided By Google

“Positive: Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness

Woke up today to find I had no hot water and a pool of water in our backyard. Water Heaters Only to the rescue. Within 20 minutes of my call Tony Edwards showed up and within about an hour and a half I had a brand new water heater that was tethered (my last one wasn’t earthquake proof). Tony made the whole process enjoyable. He was pleasant and helpful, showed me exactly what he was going to do and what he did once finished. We chatted, my dog liked him, and he really was a terrific representation of the company. So polite, kind and knowledgeable. Very thorough too, he made sure I saw everything that he did and approved. Really thrilled to have this fixed so quickly and expertly. The bill was about what other plumbers quoted and they honored a Yelp coupon. For service this fast and this good they are a great deal”

Terry A, Santa Monica Area, CA. Provided By Google

“Prompt, efficient & friendly service from Mike C”


Nancy M, Santa Monica Area, CA. Provided By Google

“The technician David P is real specialist, quick and professional work,
many thanks to David”

Barbara C, Santa Monica Area, CA. Provided By Google

“We received excellent service from Dave P at the end of last year. He is an outstanding representative for your company. He replaced the water heater in our mother’s house and since it is an old house with old pipes it presented him with extra problems that he solved expertly with a positive attitude and a smile. We will definitely recommend your company to friends and family. Thanks so much.”

Kathy M, Santa Monica Area, CA. Provided By Google

“Mike C is the man! Super helpful, flexible and professional! Got us up and running again. Cannot thank him enough and cant wait to see him again when we need our yearly service. Thank you sir!”

Andrew, Santa Monica Area, CA. Provided By Google

“Tony E was a wonderful technician. He diagnosed and removed the old water heater and installed the new one with ease. The timing was perfect and he was such a professional. We received quick same-day service. This was my first time dealing with a leaking water heater. I am thoroughly satisfied and highly recommend.”

Rachel B, Santa Monica Area, CA. Provided By Google

“Great company with very professional and knowledgeable employees.
Mr. Anthony Edwards did an excellent job – installing my new water heater.
everything’s perfect and so thank you again, Mr. Edwards and Water Heaters Only, Inc. You’ve exceeded my expectations.”

Martin V,  Santa Monica Area, CA. Provided By Google

“Professional install that only took a couple of hours.”


Linda M, Santa Monica Area, CA. Provided By Google

“Mario was wonderful! He replaced my old water heater efficiently and then spent time with me showing me how to operate it, light the pilot, etc. Highly recommend!”

Nicole S, Santa Monica Area, CA. Provided By Google

“Mike C really does a beautify work for my new family heater, yes, beautify, very tidy, clean and efficient work with a fair price. Though he typed a wrong number when swiped our visa card accidentally, he asked the company to return the extra part back to us asap.”

Tianjiao S, Santa Monica Area, CA. Provided By Google>

“Mike C (our technician) was great. Responsive and checked in a few times to see if things were going alright with our new unit.”

S Pang, Santa Monica Area, CA. Provided By Google

“I had a leaking old school water heater that I needed replaced in a hurry…wanted to upgrade to gas tankless, what made this operation even more difficult is that the water heaters at the town house complex are all on the 2nd story roof! Mike C was undaunted by the challenges of the installation. He was efficient informative and was in and out with little impact to my daily schedule….. and damn it was hot that day. Totally satisfied and much appreciated.”

Daniel A, Santa Monica Area, CA. Provided By Google

“We have now had two water heaters replaced by WHO. Fantastic service, always fair and professional. The best. And, yes, so glad to have hot water the same day we called. Mike Cohen took care of everything. Great personality and craftsmanship. A+++”

Ron S, Santa Monica Area, CA. Provided By Google

“Same day service and Tony E, my extremely nice tech, quickly figured out the problem and took care of the warranty, which he informed me was still in effect. Highly recommend”

Dawn D, Santa Monica Area, CA. Provided By Google

“Very nice. No mess and quick service. Thank you”


Joan S, Santa Monica Area, CA. Provided By Google

“Sunday morning no hot water. Tried relighting and pilot would not stay lit. Went to home improvement store and asked. They said the lead time was two weeks. Called Water Heaters Only and they set me up for an appointment the next day.

I bought a replacement part started a band aid repair to hold me over but then Water Heaters Only called and said they could be out in about an hour.

Mario answered all my questions and was in and out in a little over an hour. His work is great and he cleaned up after, including hauling away the old water heater. Recommended.”

Michael P, Santa Monica Area, CA. Provided By Google

“Mike C was fast and efficient and very knowledgeable. GREAT SERVICE!!! Would recommend again!”

Shannelle H. Santa Monica Area, CA. Provided By Google

“Our home warranty referred Water Heaters Only to our home to have it replaced. Michael Cohen not only replaced it but left it looking better than before. It was over 100 degrees in our garage and he still got the job done. Thank you Mike!!”

Lilly E. Santa Monica Area, CA. Provided By Google

“Mike C is great. He showed up on time and quickly discovered the problem with the water heater and replaced the defective part. I would certainly call on him again.”<

S.S. Santa Monica Area, CA. Provided By Google

“Great customer service and attention to detail. Mike C is an expert. and understands these systems inside and out. He provided great insights into what the issues were with my existing tankless water heater and and how important proper maintenance is. It’s great to have hot water again. Thanks Mike!”

Paul S. Santa Monica Area, CA. Provided By Google”

“Great job- quick, thorough and very friendly!
Mike C was our Tech and I think he came from Santa Clarita which is about an hour from us and we were thrilled with his service to us – prompt and well done!”

Julie B. Santa Monica Area, CA. Provided By Google

“My husband and I found that our old water heater had reached its end and Mike Cohen installed a new tankless system. Mike’s spirit, ingenuity, professionalism and skills are outstanding. His warm good humor and interest in helping others is extraordinary.”

Jackie S. Santa Monica Area, CA. Provided By Google

“The service was fast (within hours!) and the WH was installed professionally and with everything fully and completely explained. Mario, who was our Tech, was a pleasure to deal with and took great pride in his workmanship – and it shows! He explained every detail and answered every question with the knowledge and confidence of someone who has been doing this for a very long time. Thanks!”

Justin T. Santa Monica Area, CA. Provided by Google

“After 20 years of hot water service, our water heater started leaking (4-2-19). We called the telephone number on the side of the tank. The same company responded. The company knew the history of the water heater. The company assigned Tony, a well trained, experienced,customer oriented installer and technician. He responded by telephone. He showed up on-time with all of the necessary equipment and a new water tank. Within a few hours he completed the removal, replacement, installation and testing. He explained how the new system works, and the reason for the plumbing code changes. This is why we keep using the same company for our water heater needs.”

James S. Santa Monica Area, CA. Provided by

“Water Heaters Only had installed my water heater back in 1999. I called them again when it was time to replace. They were able to install my water heater the same day I called on 3/30/19. Mario was the technician and was very polite and extremely professional.”

Rosie F. Santa Monica Area, CA. Provided by

“Excellent service on order number 113249. Mario came the very next day, March 8, 2019, and installed with perfection. Very nice person. I highly recommend the company.”

Anthony M. Santa Monica Area, CA. Provided by

“Tony arrived when he said he would and installed the new water heater in less than 2 hours. He was so friendly! And left the area so clean. I would definitely recommend using them if you are having water heater issues.”

Siobhan M. Santa Monica Area, CA. Provided by

“I have a older house my hot water heater failed. The service man Mike was great he gave me alot of information and was able to do the new install job in one day. I feel safe because I have a good unit . I needed hot water today and that is what I got. Ask for Mike because he is also a very good plumber. Thank you!”

Betsy C. November 2017.Santa Monica Area, CA. Provided by

“We had an emergency replacement job and Water Heaters Only came out within two hours and did a great job replacing the water heater quickly. Highly recommend for all water heater needs.”

David M. Santa Monica Area, CA. Provided by

“I highly recommend this company, there’s a reason they get so many 5 star reviews. Thanks Paul, Dan and all at your company – it’s good to know there is a competent and responsive company I can call should I have hot water heater problems again.”

A.D. Santa Monica Area, CA. Provided by

“I run a laundromat. Hot water is important. I agreed and they did the job SAME DAY! At the price of 14,600 that included all material, removal, dumping and labor. I find that to be a good cost for what I got and the efficiency of it. awesome company. Don’t go anywhere else!”

Dee F. Santa Monica Area, CA. - Provided by

“Our water heater was dying. I called this morning at 9 AM. The call was answered immediately by a living human who told me that a tech would call me at 10. At 9:56 my phone rang and I spoke with nice guy named John who listened to my story, gave me options, gave me an estimate, and told me that he could be to our place between 11 and 11:30 to check it out and replace (ours was too old to fix.) He arrived at 11, checked out the situation, explained my options again and gave me a price which was several hundred below other places I had called. I elected to do the job, John explained what he’d be doing and how long it would take, and began work. Two and a half hours later we have a sparkling new water heater and I’m a very happy customer.”

Lala A. Santa Monica Area, CA. Provided by

“Very professional outfit . .  Fast results, great workmanship and up to code earthquake proof. I am happy for the convenience of same day service. Thank you Steve!”

 Teal M. Santa Monica Area, CA. Provided by:

“Tech’s Name Mike Very happy with the quick and professional service by Water Heaters Only. The technician was very professional and and knowledgable. He did a fantastic job on the installation and informed us of everything he was doing.

Frank S. Santa Monica Area, CA. Provided by:

Water Heaters Only answered the phone promptly and gave me reasonable estimate and appointment the next day. Tony phoned me and came to my home on time and explained work to be done in detail. He did a superb job and I am completely satisfied. Thanks again, Tony.”

Tony. Santa Monica Area, CA. Provided by:

“I turned off a 15 year-old old water heater during a re-pipe job, and when the pipers were done the heater wouldn’t start up again. The technician, Tony, got here and had replaced it within three hours of my call. I’ve done business with WH Only for a long time and have been happy with every transaction.”

Anthony B. Santa Monica Area, CA. Provided by:

Happy Water Heaters Only customers from Santa Monica


“Tony came by my home on 7/22/16 to offer me a quote on replacing my 75 gallon gas water heater. Out of the three quotes I had received, Water Heaters Only came in with the most reasonable apples to apples price. I asked when they could perform the work and Tony said he had the tank in his truck and could perform the work on the spot. I pulled the trigger and Tony went to work answering all of my questions along the way. Stellar work, stellar technician. Thank you!”

Andrew E. Santa Monica Area, CA. Provided by:

“Provided honest quote over the phone that helped me recognize ‘payless water heaters’ was ripping me off (by almost double). They had a technician at my door within an hour, and the installation complete for very close to the phone estimate 2 hours later. This is a great company to work with.”

Joules T. Santa Monica Area, CA. Provided by: 

“They clearly communicated when TONY the installer would arrive, and he arrived very promptly to the arranged time. Other contractors would not show and not have the curiosity to call, so this put them ahead of others before they even did anything. He actually evaluated the problems and clearly explained the options. The installation was done cleanly and complied with the codes. He had everything on the truck, so no running out to Home Depot for parts. He stuck to the quotation that was provided and provided great operational instructions. I would recommend them highly.”

Robert S. Santa Monica Area, CA. Provided by:

“Water Heaters Only is an A+ company. David, my technician on May 29, 2016, quickly installed a new water heater and took away the debris. He was cheerful and professional. I am very pleased with the exceptional job David did for my mother, Gay M.”

Donna L. Santa Monica Area, CA. Provided by:

” This is a repeat from an install made in 1999. It was a clean install and again it was clean and fast. The office called to confirm the appointment and Brad called to confirm arrival. I would highly recommend this company.”

Linden. Santa Monica Area, CA. Provided by:

“Tony was our technician and was great! He gave us a courtesy call to let us know when he would be arriving and was on time! The service was wonderful!

James P. Santa Monica Area, CA. Provided by: