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Jerry Brown says the Drought is Over. LA not convinced.

drought over

On April 4, 2017, Governor Jerry Brown officially declared the water drought over in the state of California.

Does that mean that Los Angelenos should start taking longer showers right away?

Not so fast!  The Los Angeles Times releases this article showing that while most of the state of California has gone from Extreme Drought conditions to Zero Drought, the Los Angeles Basin remains an Abnormally Dry area of the state.

With no more rain expected for 4-6 months, now is the time for Angelenos to continue the tradition of water conservation that we have sadly become so adept at in the last 6 years.  These methods include shorter showers, less watering of ornamental grass, and water heater maintenance to give your Hot Water Heater a nice, long life.

This was one of the wettest winters on records for us here in Southern California and with one more like it, we will soon be Out of the Drought!

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