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Your Water Heater is Leaking!! Here are 4 things you can do right now!

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Every day in Southern California is supposed to be perfect, right?

Traffic can’t get you down, smog is just temporary, and those warm summer nights sometimes show up in winter.  But a leaking water heater can cloud a sunny day fast!

Here is a checklist of 4 things you can do RIGHT AWAY to start soothing the pain of a leaky water heater.

#1      Hope for the best and inspect the rest! There is a chance that it is not your hot water heater leaking, but perhaps a surrounding pipe or fitting. Inspect the whole area to double check!  Are there any other appliances nearby that may have water condensation?  A simple removal of the water and a pat-down dry of the heater will give you a base to see what comes back in the next 24 hours.If it is indeed your hot water heater (sad emoji face), first thing you want to do is turn off the power going to the hot water heater itself. Water and Electricity don’t mix and we just want to nip that dangerous dance in the bud. For a gas hot water heater, there should be an on/off switch.  For an electric hot water heater, you are going to want to turn off the power at the circuit breaker box for your unit.

#2    Turn off the water to the house from the main disconnect valve. Yes, this will render your entire household without water, but it will also stop the hemorrhaging from the hot water heater itself.

#3   Take caution and call Water Heaters Only, Inc. Santa Monica! The water in the hot water heater is still HOT!  If there is a leak, the water coming out will be dangerous and needs to be avoided.  Our professionals can be out within hours to find the leak, diagnose the problem, and help with repair or replacement.

#4  You can contact Water Heaters Only, Inc. Santa Monica 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at (310) 393-2927 to speak to a real, live technician.


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